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We'll Find You Fun & Affordable Tokyo Apartment!

Bamboo House has been providing quality living in Japan since 1984. We have many fully-furnished apartments & guest house rooms in Tokyo and Chiba. When we say "fully-furnished", we mean FULLY-FURNISHED. The apartments are ready for those moving to Tokyo and for those just spending a week or two here! We welcome everyone, of all nationalities! Here are what you can expect from our rooms:

Fully Furnished Rooms Short-Term & Long-Term Stay
No Key Money Required No Guarantor Required

To find out more about our Accomodation such as Guest House Units and Apartment Types, please try Room Search or go to the Room Gallery. Thank you.

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What Is A Guest House? How Is It Different From An Apartment?

Guest house is "shared" housing, meaning some of the standard housing features such as the kitchen, shower, and toilet are shared with other tenants. The biggest advantage in choosing a guest house over regular apartment would be the affordability of it. Because the rent is much cheaper than that of an apartment. You also get free internet access. And there is more to our guest house units; some of our units have Extra Features that are unique to the specific rooms. Here are some of the examples:

Private balcony

Tokyo Apartment - House Mejiro 3

House Mejiro 3-202


XL sized closet

Tokyo Apartment - House Nerima

House Nerima-203


mini kitchen

Tokyo Apartment - Parkside Sasazuka

Parkside Sasazuka-107

Tokyo Apartment - House Fujimi

House Fujimi-Girls Chat



Tokyo Apartment - House Nakano

House Nakano-206



Tokyo Apartment - Kugahara House

Kugahara House-101



Tokyo Apartment - House Nakano

House Nakano-207


huge mirror

Tokyo Apartment - House Naka Itabashi

House Naka Itabashi-B1


Private Balcony

Tokyo Apartment - House Nippori 1

House Nippori 1-502


Tips For The Well-Prepared

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The Art Of Reserving In Advance
Did you know that you can reserve our apartments in advance? If your travels are already scheduled, we recommend that you put a reservation on the room you would like to move in. So that your rooms would be reserved untill you get here. We then make sure to update our availability status to "Not Available". When you see following availability status signs:"Available", "Avlbl until", and "Avlbl from", it means that those rooms are AVAILABLE or READY to be reserved. Please DO NOT HESITATE to make a reservation when you see these three signs. Check Rental System for details.

Tips For Backpackers

Tokyo Accommodation

The Art Of Renting Units Weekly
If you are visiting Tokyo on a trip for a week or two, we recommend renting our rooms WEEKLY (pay weekly rates) with your friends and share the cost. Each extra guest is only ¥ 10,000 more! The cost is much less than choosing hotels or hostel type accommodation for your trip.